How To Connect With God



Do you ever find yourself so distant from God you don’t even know where or how to connect with him?

Sometimes I feel it is nearly impossible to get even a tiny glimpse of his presence.  When that happens I find it is real easy to get off track quickly.  I end up sleeping in a little later the next day and skipping my daily quiet time.  Not before long I can look back and see it’s been days since I’ve encountered God and I find myself in a bit of a funk!

There are so many ways to develop our relationship with God, however we must be intentional and possibly even strategic about it.

Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

One powerful way to build your relationship with God is by connecting with other believers.  Going to church and bible study is wonderful, however to really dig deeper in your relationship with God, I recommend finding one or two other people in your life to pray with.

If you’re like me, I thought at one time, there is no way I’m going to pray out loud.  I was afraid I was not eloquent or spiritual enough to rattle off a prayer in front someone else.  However, I found out this is where real intimacy with God is created.  The Holy Spirit is most powerful in our vulnerabilities.  This is where our authentic relationship with God reveals to us that it’s not about “doing” or “saying” but simply just being in his presence.

Who can you pray with today?  I want to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and see how God will reveal himself to you with a deeper connection.  I would love to hear from you!

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363 thoughts on “How To Connect With God

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have felt lately that I would like to get together with a friend weekly, and pray. Thanks for encouraging me!! I will contact her before the week is over.

  2. This is what I have been needing and missing. After moving to a new town a year ago due to the military. I came from a church and Bible Study group I loved. We searched in our new town for a church where we felt the same ‘power’ we felt at our old church and just haven’t found it. I have looked for Bible studies and can’t find any as easily accessible with school age children. After coming to terms with this new town, we have just been told we will be moving again! To an even smaller town. I know this is God’s plan and I am hopeful that we will find a church and friends that we can pray and spend time with. Connecting with other believers has been missing for the past year.

  3. Awesome post! I find myself disconnected from God more times than I would like. Why? Because life gets in the way. There is a void in my heart when this happens. I go to church every Saturday evening and volunteer every weekend, so its not that I don’t go to church. We pray every night at the supper table (each person prays out loud there are 6 of us). I need to be consistent with my alone time with God. God wants Me to connect with him, make Him a priority. When I do this my void is gone, my Joy returns.

    • Janet, I love your awareness of what you need to do to connect with God! That’s the first step in moving forward.

  4. Just the other day I was thinking of my “comfort zone” and realized just how comfortable I have become in my relationship with God…inside that comfort zone. I don’t feel spiritual growth within those boundaries and desire to seek His presence in my weakness. Only in doing this will He make me stronger in my weakness and grow me spiritually in His word. Thank you for posting Linda….sometimes I need to hear it more than once. Today Father God I ask that you lead me out of my comfort zone and into a situation that I may seek you and rely completely on You for understanding and strength. Amen. Blessings….. Suzanne

  5. Its amazing how when I’ve been in a funk and not in daily connection with the Lord then I attend a fellowship of just 3 or 4 girls and leave feeling soooooo refreshed! there is truly power in fellowshiping with the brethren. But yea, its so easy to be connected with God one week and the next week just kind of feel far away from Him. Thank God that HE always draws us back to Him, such a faithful God 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! and Oh I’m from the OBS for What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. So excited about being a part of that, its my first OBS. I would like to be entered into the drawing please…thanks!

  6. Praying that God will renew by spirit……I have distanced myself from Him and would love to be “on fire”. Praying that your ministry will touch many lives and have a snowball affect in the world!!!

  7. My husband and I have never prayed out loud with other people. We are going to be leading a couples bible study this fall. We are going to have to get over our fear!

  8. Looking forward to getting back on track with God. Am excited to see what HE is going to show me. Thanks for the study.

  9. I can pray with my daughter. She’s four so it will be a good way to get confortable with praying aloud plus a good example to her.

  10. I can pray with my daughter today. A few months ago we went through a very rough patch in our lives. After much counciling, intercessory prayer, talking things out, I can finally see change in her young heart. She is on fire for The Lord and it just does a monma’s heart wonders to hear her say so. 🙂

    • Wendy, what a beautiful gift from God that your daughter is so passionate about the Lord. I’m going to pray with my daughter tonight!

  11. I can pray with my children. I too have issues with “public” prayer. I am always afraid that I’m not going to say the right thing in the right manner. But if I can’t show my children that prayer is an important part of our walk with the Lord then who can I show. This will definitely be a challenge but a worthy one.

    • Erin, I’ve come to learn that my relationship with God is the same as with a friend in the flesh. There is no need to think ahead about what I need to say, but to simply be honest and real in my communications (prayers) with him. Thank you so much for commenting.

  12. Do dreams count! I had this wonderful dream last night, I was sitting and eating when an older gentlemen with his twin grandsons came up and sat beside me. He asked if I would pray for him as he never spends a lot of time with his grandsons and with him getting older he wanted me to pray for him to have the strength to play with his grandsons. It was such a great dream last night and so vivid, I can still see his face in my mind today.

    I am looking forward to a great study.

  13. I am super excited about the Bible Study … it’s going to be awesome! I’d love to win a copy of this book to share with a friend!

  14. I’m heading to a pediatric hospital today to pray with a mom of a 5 year old boy who had a trach placed on Monday. He’s very sick and mom is very scared. I’ve never met her but happened upon her story and have made contact with her because she lives in my city. I’m honored that she will allow me to stop by.

    • WOW Cindy! You are such an inspiration!! You are the perfect of example of being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for what you are doing today for this mom and little boy. I am praying now for them. Our God is the God of Miracles 🙂

  15. I am going to call my friend Heather to pray with me because she is my inspiration in the area of being a godly wife. Thank you for your encouragement to pray!

  16. I think I’d like to pray with my husband today. 🙂 It’s amazing the difference in our lives when we pray together regularly and invite the Holy Spirit to be the center of our marriage relationship.

  17. Praying with women these days I would have never imagined. Praying myself for specific things which is also new. Ready to start the bible study.

  18. I know I am not the best person for praying either for my self or even other people I do know that if you just talk to God about your needs or just your thoughts ..He knows what you need and will always be there for you when you do need him.which is allthe time anyway. He’s always listening .

  19. Hi there! I just want to say this article really touched me. I sometimes find myself in kind of a…grey area with God. He never changes and never goes away from me, I know that. Only I move away from him. I especially love the part that speaks about stepping out of our comfort zone and praying with SOMEONE to see how God will work within our lives.

    Thank you for posting. Can’t wait to read more!

    Sarah from Not So Sunny Southwest Florida

    • Sarah, thank you for sharing your authentic heart. I find myself feeling the same way you do at times. Thankful God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

  20. That is a GREAT idea! I’m going to get my two besties together and we are going to start a weekly prayer time together!!

  21. I know I am not the best person for praying either for my self or even other people I do know that if you just talk to God about your needs or just your thoughts ..He knows what you need and will always be there for you when you do need him.which is all the time anyway. He’s always listening .

  22. “Sometimes I feel it is nearly impossible to get even a tiny glimpse of his presence. When that happens I find it is real easy to get off track quickly. I end up sleeping in a little later the next day and skipping my daily quiet time. Not before long I can look back and see it’s been days since I’ve encountered God and I find myself in a bit of a funk!”
    This is so me right now…I need to connect with other christian women – another reason why I participating in the OBS with Melissa Taylor….

  23. I’m signed up for this Bible study! Trying to get a small, local group to meet 2-3 times during the study. I just signed up for your blog too. Looking forward to it!

  24. This is so true! When I gave my heart to God and said YES…HE has opened so many doors for me to have fellowship with other Christians! There is such JOY in being with other believers. We can have laughter, tears, hugs, and delight, and most of all one thing in common and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. HIS way is so much better than anything I could have planned for myself. All I can say is WOW….it is so AMAZING!

  25. This morning, before your posting came my way, I asked my husband if he would spend time praying with me. I have asked many times before, only to be forgotten (he has been going through a lot emotionally/spiritually and doesn’t feel like God hears him anymore –a missionary of some 30+ years of ministry experience caught in our mission boards down sizing and hasn’t been able to find work for almost 2 years now to support his family of 4 teenagers and me. The man feels dried up) and we agreed on 12:30pm as a good time. It is 3 minutes till.

    • Catherine, I am praying for God’s favor over your husband and that he will see God’s faithfulness soon with a job. Thank you so much for sharing.

  26. So excited for the online bible study. Hoping it will help me to stay on track and be less distracted by the world.

    • Rebecca, one thing that helps me when praying out loud is to remove myself from the focus. Every time when I pray out loud and I’m thinking about how it sounds, I mess it up. When I take a deep breath and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and focus on Jesus everything seems to flow perfectly 🙂

  27. I have been so desiring to find one or two other women to be my prayer partner…still praying for God to reveal these women to me! I am in a current weekly Bible study though, and we women do pray together every week which is wonderful.

    Looking forward to the ‘What Happens When Women Say Yes to God’ OBS and hope I win this giveaway!

  28. I am looking forward to the Bible Study. I have not participated in a Bible study for many years even though I enjoy my church. Praying with others aloud is an area I struggle with too.

  29. I am seeking right now to learn to be quite before God and hear Him. It is not easy, I have such trouble turning off my mind and my mouth before Him. Praying for me to take the time and learn how to pause and hear his breath.

  30. I can’t wait for this study to begin! I’m so excited to already see the changes in my life as I say yes to God!

  31. I am a PK and praying out loud just came with the territory. It isn’t the praying out loud its the letting people get close enough to pray openly about MY needs and desires and issues. I would love to have someone that I could trust enough with my really heart.

  32. I was reminded of this verse today. I have three kids under the age of three and a six year old. Somedays go better than others, and I find myself daily asking for God’s grace, patience, and knowledge. My husband and I have gotten out of the habit of praying together every morning… and this morning I asked him to after a particularly hard day yesterday. Let me tell you… my shoulders are not even hurting yet (from stress) and we are half way through the day! I haven’t lost my temper yet, and the kids have had a great day. I have even been praying more than normal on my own, taking a deep breath when needed and asking God for his help. Thank you to my gracious Lord, and please help me to remember to pray with my husband tomorrow.

  33. I am very excited and looking forward to sharing/studying God’s Word together with 18, 000 other like-minded sisters around the world! Thankyou for this opportunity to say Yes! to God! Jen

  34. I’m so excited about being a part of this online bible study. Im a mum of twin boys and wife to an amazing husband who is trying to balance work, school and family. I’m missing out on my bible study and my connection with other ladies, so I can’t wait for this to start 🙂

  35. Praying out loud does not bother me. Praying outside of my “box” is what I need to work on, praying different than the usual “grocery list”, if you will. Seeking His will, and being faithful that He has called me to this study.

  36. I am so blessed to have an incredible accountability partner who shares a David/Jonathan relationship with me- where we sharpen one another. Confessing sins & praying with one another & being accountable are sometimes very difficult things but so valuable in my relationship & growth in The Lord!

  37. Overwhelmed this week with work and VBS! Pray that the last two days will be blessing to the workers, kids and their families!

  38. Not sure if my first comment went through so am trying this again.
    I am looking forward to this bible study – Saying Yes to God –
    blessings to all.

  39. Thank you for this encouragement. I am the type that will go to prayer meeting but feel that I am up to being able to pray outloud like they do.I hear their lovely prayers and think “really I can not do as good as they do”. I pray often on my own but not really in a group.
    So I will take your encouragement and step out and pray with my group next week.
    Thank you again.
    And I “Say Yes to God”.
    I would like to join the study just need to save to get the book.
    Hope to “see” you all in the group.

    • Tina, I promise you when you step out in faith and pray with others the Holy Spirit ALWAYS shows up in such a powerful way. You will be surprised at how perfect your prayers turn out when the spirit moves within you 🙂

  40. For the first couple of years I only prayed in my head to God but then I slowly started praying out loud. I’m still not one to volunteer but when someone asks me to pray I do and I will. I realize I should be jumping at the chance to pray to God for others it is a privilege not something that is to be taken granted of. Thank you for this, God bless you!

  41. I prayed out load for a friend yesterday whose daughter had gone into the hospital. A first for us. A blessing for both.

  42. I am involved in two Prayer meetings. One is at the Church I attend at 6pm on Sunday evenings before the evening service. I used to be that way also, I never thought I could say a prayer in front of anyone. I am so glad that I am in that Prayer meeting because it has helped me to really open up and really talk to God. It seems that every time I talk to God, my words just pour out of my heart. I am so glad that God lead me to those Prayer Meetings, it helps so much.

  43. I work with Seniors in an Assisted Living Facility. I like many found it difficult to pray with others or out loud. God showed me how to serve my residents and that praying in a group was within my comfort zone. I had a new resident who was depressed, had just given up his license, etc. While discussing it one night after dinner in the Lobby of the facility I mentioned that I would be praying for him. He took that as I would pray with him – right then! So there I stood with him in the Lobby, head bowed and his hand held out for me to take and pray. So I did with everyone watching us. And it really wasn’t that bad. I am now the lead prayer when we have an event & the residents want a prayer before dinner or an event.

    • Beth, I LOVE this story! I think instead of saying I’ll pray for you and going about our business that we actually need to go for it right then and there. Where two are more are gathered in His name there he will be 🙂

  44. Thank you for challenging those of us who like to be quiet and don’t really know if saying a prayer out loud takes expertise. I will do it now!

  45. Prayer is important to me but I do it by myself unless I am with my small bible study group at church which we break in the summer I get nervous and feel inadequate praying in front of other people.

  46. So timely! My prayer partner moved away last month :(. Two weeks ago I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We met 2 years ago at a Bible study. We talked a few times and then she invited me over to her house. I went today – we spent time catching up on our kids, then she said she was really looking for a new prayer partner and wondered if we could pray and meet every couple weeks. 🙂 God is good! He knows what I need even when I hadn’t started praying for a new partner yet.

  47. Thank you for this post. I often feel distant from the Lord when I lack community, especially when I stopped living with my christian college girls who surrounded me everyday with the love of Christ. But, I have been given the gift of someone new to pray with everyday, my husband and best friend 🙂 It has been such a blessing to be in prayer with my husband everyday and it makes such a difference in my walk with the Lord!

  48. Being a pastor’s wife, there are quite a few I can pray with and for every day & I try to do just that. I find that keeping a prayer journal helps me see answered prayer too!

  49. Am super excited to take this big step and have the Lord change my life and start a new chapter in this journey of life ♥

  50. Thank you for the reminder about praying with someone. I have been thinking lately that I really need to find someone and then your note solidified that for me. Reinforcement from the Holy Spirit!

  51. Thank you for your inspiration, I plan on daily prayer time with my husband. We used to pray together daily but have gotten away from it. It’s time to start again and continue daily. Thank you for the reminder. God Bless!

  52. Who can I pray with today? One of the greatest thing I did was join a Bible Study group through my church. This group has stretched and help me to become more confident in my prayer life. I believe this because we spend half our time together in prayer.

  53. When I first became a believer, I was afraid to pray outloud. It wasn’t until I dove further into a relationship with God, that I became an inspired prayer! God is good that I rely on Him for everything!!

    Thank you and God bless you!!!


  54. Thank you so much for doing this Bible study! I do get lazy and disconnected to Him…and need to be the person He wants me to be! So looking forward to growing in faith along with thousands of women world wide!

  55. Love this post!! Praying is something I’m learning to do more of. I can’t wait for this study to kick off!! God Bless

  56. I love today’s blog post! I always had a fear of praying out loud and not finding the right words to say, or not even being able to say my prayer eloquently. That all changed when I did a 40-days of prayer study a few years ago. Since then I realized when I prayed aloud with my prayer partner, I was making more of a connection with God. There is truly power in prayer!

    There was the added benefit that my daughter saw and heard me. So it was like setting an example for her to go beyond her regular “night-night” prayer. I was seeing her through a whole new set of eyes. If she lost a toy, she would immediately pray that she would find it. Or if one of her friends was sick, she would ask me if we could pray for that friend. My little girl is making for a very good prayer partner! 🙂

  57. I pray with my children. At first it was really awkward since I used to pray silently. I am so proud to see my children pray out loud without any reservation.

  58. I’m so excited about what God is doing in my life and to hear and see that he is giving favor and working awesome miracles in so many others lives as well. Thank you ladies for all that you are doing in Gods’ will!

  59. I agree with you that there’s something special about praying with others and out loud. It’s sometimes uncomfortable but God speaks through your fellow prayers and it seems more powerful!

  60. I was afraid to pray aloud once also. Fearing that I wouldn’t have the right words, but now I understand that the lord just wants to have a conversation with us. He wants us to praise him and lift up all of our burdens and lay them down at his feet. Now, every Tuesday and Thursday at our Fitpoint (ZUMBA® FOR OUR CHRISTIAN SISTERS) classes I openly pray for others and praise the lord in my prayers aloud to 50-60 women, every week! I would love to win Lysa TerKeurst’s book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God to share it with the women in our community! Thank you for this oppurtunity, and may God continue to spread his blessings abundantly on you!

  61. So today I am with my father. He is a wonderful man of prayer. I think I will ask him to pray with me. Last year at 60 years old, I on his lap and he prayed for me. That was special. I love to pray with friends starting with praise. Have you ever praised God through the àlphabet? Then go into requests that is fun….

  62. I have realized that when two or three other believers become your prayer partners then God really listens to our prayers and answer them. Also in the midst of praying for others, God also give a word of encouragement, direction, or what to pray for. I truly believe in finding someone else to pray with. I also realized that not any one can be your prayer partner, but your partner must not be spiritually and focused.

  63. Thanks for this post. I have been feeling a bit distant from God lately and it’s been showing up in the form of anxiety. Desperately trying to get back on track and this is a good reminder to find someone to pray with.

  64. I completely get the praying out loud in front of others. I’ve never been comfortable speaking in front of groups of people let alone praying in front of them. But you are so right, when I step out of my comfort zone (hiding in the shadows) that is when I feel God’s presence and I’m always amazed at how He uses me. I have found a couple of women at the gym I workout at to pray with amd it has been the greatest blessing in my life!

  65. I’m really kicking myself and feel this is a prompt for me. A very good Christian friend of mine popped in for coffee today. Her and her family are going through a number of difficulties right now. I spent time listening, reassuring and hopefully supporting. After reading this I wish I had just said…… Lets spend a few minutes praying, bringing her before God and allowing his presence and strength to strengthen her. I pray another opportunity arises for me to do this. Thanks be to God.

  66. I have joined the OBS and I am very excited for the Bible Study. I am still in the stage you were in as far as praying out load. I have been working on it and I have been praying (silently:) for help in this area. I am very excited to join your blog also.
    God Bless!!

    • Crystal, thank you for joining my blog and OBS! I am praying for you right now to have the courage to step out in faith and pray. You will be amazed by the intimate connection you gain with the Holy Spirit when praying with others. Blessings to you!

  67. As this is my first bible study ever I am so excited and now I must use patience as we are starting a week later! At first I said “Bummer!”, but then I realized that so many women will be wanting to share in this study that waiting is a must! The more the merrier, the merrier the heart, the closer to each other and G-d we will become. We will raise a shout to praise G-d that everyone will hear!!!

  68. I look for God in everything I do and say.. Sometime I still feel quite alone. But I still remind myself That He is always with me no matter how quiet He is..

  69. Wow! Thank you for these words this morning, I know that I needed to hear them! I will be praying with at least 2 other people today, even if it just starts in my own home!

  70. I to was afraid to pray in front of a large group of people until the secretary at my church suggested I lead a women’s bible study! I told her I would go home and pray about it 🙂 I really had no intention of praying about it because I really didn’t want to do it. It was way out of my comfort zone! I was not raised in the church and had only found God (or should I say God found me), about three years ago. God of course laid it on my heart to lead this group. He told me that he would give me the knowledge and the words and sure enough he did! There have been times I prayed and I just could not find the words or my words got all mixed up, but it’s okay I still prayed out loud in front of a group and I feel so much closer to him every time I do it! On Wednesday nights my church has an open prayer time. Where we can ask for prayers for people and we all bow our heads and if you feel lead to pray you can. Sometimes I really want to but I remain silent. So I’m going to start prayer for his strength to speak to him then. I really want to not be afraid to talk with him in front of an even bigger group then my ladies group. I know one day he will open my mouth and give me the words to say!

  71. I am signed up for the online Bible study. I am probably the only person who is happy that the first session will be delayed. I will be on a mission trip from July 23 until August 1. I wasn’t sure if I would ne able to participate on the first day. Now I can!

    • Hi Marjorie,
      I just came back from my first youth mission trip. I’m so glad I went , I just cannot put into words how it made me feel. God is Great all the time. Hope you have as great as time as I did. Safe travel to and from.

      In Christ Love

  72. I just moved to Ireland and miss my regular bible study! I am really looking forward to this opportunity to learn, serve God, and see what he has planned for me!

  73. Glad to find you Linda! I am excited about the OBS! I have not done one before but I desperately need it! Thanks for all that you do to encourage God’s girls!
    Blessings & Joy,

  74. i find myself afraid to speak out because i feel i don’t know all the answeres but i still give it my all. i am so excited to start the online bible study and i want to encourage other women to do the same and say yes to god.

  75. Thanks for the encouragement! I so miss my Bible study in the summer and the fellowship that comes from that time.

  76. I’m am very much looking forward to my first OBS! Just finished a study on Unglued and it was really an incredible journey. I expect no less from studying with my 18,000+ sisters!

  77. Thank you for your encouragement. I have been praying for God to “nudge” my husband to read a devotional with me before work he leaves for work. We have been going thru a “valley”, as I keep saying with our 17 year old daughter for several weeks now, this morning God answered my prayer, I saw my husband reading my “Daily Bread” and then he took my hands and we prayed…. I will continue to ask God to encourage this in him, so that we can both read and share, and pray. Prayer is powerful.

    Psalm 46:10 Be still and know I am God.”

  78. I would love to be able to win. I am going to really try to be able to keep up with everyone in the study. By just reading in my Bible. I can not afford to purchase any of the materials for the study. (I only live on less then $500 a month for everything). Please enter me in the contest too. Thanks for being there.
    In Christ,
    Vicki Schneider

  79. Thank you for your thoughts on praying together with a friend, I have found I do the same things you mentioned if I am not disciplined with prayer and quiet time to start the day!

  80. The Holy Spirit is most powerful in our vulnerabilities. (How true I feel your statement is ) If we allow Him to meet us where we are and except his mercy and grace even when we feel we are not deserving He will pull us close and I agree, it’s not about “doing” or “saying” but simply just being in his presence.

  81. What a blessing it would be to win this book and to be able to join this Bible study! Due to illness I am unable to purchase it myself. There is nobody I would rather pray with than my husband and be able to be on a deeper spiritual connection with him.

  82. I’m participating in this, my 3rd (I think) OBS and have promised GOD and myself, that I would give us (both) time to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level this time around! With that said, having read your comments & question, “Who will I pray with today?”, I’m happy to say I have 2 special people, currently in my life that I am very comfortable praying and sharing God’s word with. Their ages differ, but their love for the LORD remains the same! I’m reassured and blessed to have them (both) in my life and I thank Jesus everyday for all they have shared with me about their experiences and beliefs about our Heavenly Father! I’ve also been moved so much by the OBS this past year, that I recently shared the Proverbs31 site with a parent at my children’s school, who is very happy to have connected with all the blessings you ladies have offered! Thank you again for spreading your love and faith to a ‘humble, shy, yet spiritual woman = ME!

  83. I read this today, as I have found myself drifting just as you talked about. My church group was cancelled last night due to most being out of town. Rather than taking that time to get into His Word, I spent it watching TV. I woke up this morning regretting what I had done. I felt myself not feeling as good as I have the last few days, and I know why. Tonight, the TV is being turned off and I am spending my time back in His Word. This was just what I needed to read today. Thank you.

  84. I can pray with my mom and our head nurse at work. My mom has always been there for me and has always prayed for me at the drop of a hat and now we pray together. My nurse at work is an amazing women. She is Christ centered and she will pray with who ever needs it. She is there for me whenever I need her and she will pray for me when we are at workn or if we are not.

  85. I am praying that God will send me someone new to be a prayer partener or reveal someone i already know that is interested is teaming up with me.

  86. Love your statement, “The Holy Spirit is most powerful in our vulnerabilities.” I needed to hear that today. Many thanks!

  87. I so agree with you about praying in front of others! I am petrified to do it!
    Would love to win the book so I can do the study.

    • Karen, I want to encourage you to take a leap of faith and pray with someone. You will be amazed at the holy spirit’s power!

  88. Thank you for your post. If you could please pray for my family I would really appreciate it. August is going to be a stressful month with us expecting the birth of our 2nd son (our first is almost 2yrs old) as well as my husbands first deployment.

    Thank you so much!

    • Mandi, I am praying for you right now. Thank You for all that you and your husband do to serve our country!!! We are gratefully blessed by your sacrifices.

  89. I can pray with others when it is a prayer that is written down, but I really struggle with coming up with my own prayer. Just like you, I don’t feel that I am eloquent or spiritual enough in my prayers. It feels like I am saying the same thing over and over. This is something I am really praying 🙂 that God will help develop within me. And along with that, the confidence to say those prayers out loud.

    • Lori, I know with having a heart like yours to seek God in prayer he will provide you with confidence to say them out loud. Please let me know when this happens!

  90. Accountability is hard!! Sometimes I want it…sometimes I don’t!!! But I know that my sisters-in-Christ love me…especially when they have to hold me accountable!!

  91. I have just been trying to not let circumstances deter me from just basking in His presence. I find that when I am discouraged about finances or my weight that I tend to allow that to keep me from just coming to Jesus and still having gratitude in my heart. I want to remain constant even when things are tough/frustrating/just yukky! He is my Provider and I need to recognize that at all times.

    • Donna you are on the right track. Awareness is always the first step. I cannot wait to see how God moves in you throughout this study!

  92. I can’t wait for this study to begin. I am looking forward to all that God has for us in this study. Thanks for the contest!

  93. It is so hard to leave our comfort zones, but when we do- WOW! That is when the Holy Spirit just takes hold and changes our lives forever. I once was at a grocery store, listening to the lady in front of me telling the cashier about some troubles she had been having, I felt the nudge to pray with her, I brushed it off, felt it again, brushed it off, felt it again, this time I tried to reason with God “she doesnt know me, she will think I am nuts” felt the nudge again, this time I said “fine but only if she is still outside when I get outside” – not only was she outside, she was parked next to me!! I was petrified, but walked up to her and asked her if I could pray with her. She said yes, so there we stood in the parking lot, holding hands and praying, we both left in tears that day- but I have to say that day changed my life, and I have to trust it changed hers as well. Ever since then I have not been so uneasy about getting out of my comfort zone, but every once in awhile I still need an extra nudge.

  94. Hello 🙂 I had to step out of my comfort zone the other day and let a lady know I was going to pray for her. She fell this past March on a patch of ice at work and it is extremely difficult for her to walk and she is in pain. My heart goes out to her everytime I see her. I was there when she told her coworker that she was just told that day by her doctor that this may be a permanent thing and she may always have chronic pain. I got up some guts and told her that I was going to pray for her and that Dr.s may say one thing but God can say another. If you happen to read this among the many comments would you please pray for her too. Her name is Shanea. -Thank you! And I am blessed to be apart of PV31 Ministries OBS and being a “Y-E-S” girl for God! 🙂

  95. I pray all the time when I’m alone, but it’s hard for me to pray with others. Something I will seriously start working on….thanks!

  96. Wow, this is exactly how I feel. I’m actually going through that right this moment, I do not how to reconnect with God again and how to go back to the place where I used to be when praying and spending time with my Lord was priority and because of that my days were filled with joy. Thank you for such suggestion. I will definitely try praying with someone else this week.

  97. Losing the connection with God is not a new thing to me, it happens over and over again, and the main reason is because i’m too busy like Martha in the bible. I do miss my days with God like i used to have before my baby was born, it’s been a year i’m struggling to find a personal worshipping time with Him, but i keep on trying everytime i get a chance, and i even think perhaps i need to bring my baby to worship and pray together though it’s not an easy things to do

  98. I have realised that what other people think about me does not count, it’s what God knows about me that matters. So praying out loud in front of others does not bother me because God knows my heart and knows what I am saying even if people don’t. So ready to say yes to God…..super excited!!

  99. Prayer with God is my time to connect with my creator, my king and most definitely my best friend. When it is necessary for me to pray out loud with others, I try my best to keep my focus on talking with my heavenly father and not worry that others are listening. Good idea to get a couple of friends to pray with you!

  100. I feel disconnected from God because things are always going wrong and it seems the harder I pray, the worse things get. I prayed out loud at work today because a situation was making me angry and I wanted to anger to go away. I wanted my focus to be on God and the task before me not the co-worker who was making me angry. I am trying to remain faithful and pray constantly but the disappointments make it difficult. I want to stop seeking prayer in secret and be open about my struggles but I am not very social and I have problems communicating my feelings. I would like a prayer warrior but I have no family nearby and I have very few friends. The friends I do have, I never see. I want the loneliness to go away but that prayer has yet to be answered. I am so looking forward to this bible study.

  101. I’ve been very blessed to have been surrounded by amazing women who have walked through things with me. We are currently reading,” a confident heart” by Renee swope. I would love to read, “what happens when women say yes to god” with them as well!

  102. My friend and I used to just complain about our problems to each other, but now we stop and pray. It has made such a difference!

  103. I am ready to go higher in the Lord. I will use this bible study along with prayer, quiet time and meditation to grow closer to God and go to the next level. In Jesus Name Amen!

  104. I too am scared to pray out loud, but my group of interns at church are Starting a class on praying out loud to help people to feel more at ease doing it. The class starts the 25th of July after VBS is over. So now I will really try and pray with at least 1 other person to start with. Thanks for the push, God is talking to me though you about this.

    In Christ Love

  105. Thank you for sharing this post. Praying out loud is one of the hardest things for me to do and last year I became a MOPs Mentor Mom and that is exactly the role I was asked to take. I was asked to lead opening and closing prayer and to arrange for everyone to have prayer partners.

    It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and started praying with other women. The relationships that have come from this are unlike any that I have ever had.

    I pray that this year God will continue to stretch me as we start another year of MOPs…Yes God I am ready!!

  106. I drive a school bus and started praying over the seats the children would sit in. I prayed that I would find other drivers and tell them how my praying made a difference. Now there are several drivers talking and praying together or for each other. I think God puts the right people around us. We just need to have our ears and eyes open to find them.

  107. This is my first OBS and I’m so excited to see how God will move me. I pray for my heart to be open and willing. My husband and I have stepped out in faith and are starting a new home group at our church. It’s difficult because we’re leaving a group we’ve been a part of for 12 years. We’re saying yes to God as a couple and are anticipating amazing things. Maybe a great way to form new connections with the ladies in the group by becoming prayer partners!?

  108. It’s so hard for me to pray out loud, I start to pray and my mind just goes blank and I can’t pray. If I were praying alone I could talk to God for a long time.

  109. I used to have a prayer buddy but she passed away a couple of years ago and I haven’t found anyone to replace her. I guess I haven’t really tried that hard either. My husband and i don ‘t pray together but I know we should. That would be a good place to start.

  110. The What Happens When Women Say Yes to God bible study will be my first online bible study. I am so excited for this opportunity!!! I recently and unexpectedly had to return to work full time after being a stay at home mom for the last 3 years. Besides the obvious loss of time at home with my children, ages 5 and 7, not being able to participate in my group bible study anymore was very upsetting. I am SO glad that I saw this chance for an online bible study on the Proverbs 31 facebook page!!! God is so good!!!

  111. Whenever I hear someone praying outloud, I always feel that they sound so wise and eloquent. I never feel that way when I pray outloud. Honestly, I can only think of maybe 5-10 occasions when I have volunteered to do so. But I know that I need to do it more, for many reasons: to strengthen my relationship with the Lord, and hopefully to encourage someone else who may have a fear of praying aloud. Maybe once they hear my stumbling, stuttering prayer, they will realize sounding silly is nothing to worry about. 🙂

  112. I am so happy to have found your website. I am a teacher and during the school year life can get a little out of control. I’m taking this summer break to really regroup and reconnect with God. My husband and I just completed a 4 day seminar about denying self and following Christ, I have signed up for the online bible study, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” and I have begun getting back into daily quiet time and devotions. Coming across your website is just another little hug from God. I feel God’s presence and I love it!

  113. I am so excited about this online Bible study! I can’t wait to get started and say “yes to God”. This is going to be amazing!

  114. “The Holy Spirit is most powerful in our vulnerabilities”……Wow. Once I started to understand this, I let myself off the “perfection” hook and let go of having to be so invincible. Because I dont have to be what He is supposed to be for me.

  115. Can’t believe I feel so welcome with a web full of not strangers, but friends I am just meeting. This is going to be great for this baby believer.

  116. This blog is exactly why I’ve signed up with Melissa’s OBS. We recently moved from NE to MD and so many Bible studies break for the summer. I cannot wait to get back into his word with a focus!

  117. Agreed. I find that sharing our hearts out loud through prayer is difficult but the peace and freedom it brings is worth the effort. I am excited to start the study soon!

  118. There was a time about three years ago I was so distant from God I wondered if I was still a Christian at all. Thankfully, by His grace alone, I am slowly reconnecting and rebuilding the close relationship I had with my Father before that time. It really does make such a difference to have a few close friends to count on to be spiritual encouragers, if you will. I think sometimes as we are getting back to God we feel like we are all alone but we are not! It helps to hear, from others we are close to, that we are not the only ones who struggle.

  119. I had one of our administrative assistants, who is also a friend, reach out to me today for prayer. I shared some scripture with her and said a prayer for her and her family. Please remember Mabel B and her family in your prayers as well. Her step-father is in the last few hours of life with Hospice care. Thanks prayer warriors!

  120. Thank you for the encouraging words. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Looking forward to the online bible study.

  121. ” God knows, I don’t pray out loud very well, but I do pray out loud with my 4 yr. old Grandson, and I believe, God’s o.k with that. “

  122. Linda, remembering a long time ago when I used to meet my two friends in the little girls restroom at school and we would pray together each morning before school started…it wasn’t that we were hiding…it was just the only place that was quiet and private. We no longer work together. You helped me to think of a great idea though! Thx for this post!

  123. Linda, remembering a time when a couple of friends and I would meet each morning to pray before school started…we no longer work together…but I think I will invite a couple of the ladies I work with now and see if we can start our day with a prayer together!

  124. Just today was visiting with my mom about how I don’t like to pray in front of others for fear of saying some crazy jabberwocky that causes me and those I am around embarrassment! I have always known in order to have growth, I need to get outside my comfort zone. Thank you Lord for using Linda’s blog today to give the answers I have been praying for!

  125. I love when little things like this happen! What I’ve internally been thinking and trying to do but hadn’t quite happened..just pops up! Showing me to get on with it and just do it, because we dont always see the spirit that puts us in the funk but getting in done time with the lord will def help it.

  126. I am looking forward to joining this on line bible study. It will be the first for me. My husband and I are working together to restore our marriage that almost ended after over 35 yrs. I need this to help me say yes to God in every part of my being so that my marriage/ husband will be blessed. God bless you and yours, becky

  127. Thank you so much for sharing! This has long been a struggle for me, but at vacation bible school this year one of the messages I had to teach to the kids was that you can pray to God anywhere, any way at anytime. In the process of teaching them I learned the same powerful lesson.

  128. I’m really looking forward to this study. I feel that God has provided it as a way for me to do what he wants me to do. Goodness knows, I need all the motivation & encouragement that I can get right now. Can’t wait to get started!

  129. This has always been a difficult subject for me. This summer one of the lessons I had to teach to a group of kids in vacation bible school was how to pray to God. 93 children decided on the motto: Any way, anywhere, anytime. I learned a very powerful lesson that day and they filled me with an infectious spirit to reach out and help others talk to God. I realized I don’t have to be eloquent, I only have to love God.

  130. Some days I just forget to pray, and those are usually the days I so desperately need to do so. I need to learn to pray alone, then maybe I can invite someone in to pray with me. I have just recently discovered the Proverbs 31 Ministries and the wonderful gals associated with it. Trying to get on the right track. Thank you for all you do!

  131. I loved hearing “the Holy Spirit is most powerful in our vulnerabilities”. I am working on letting go and giving up my worries regarding my children, so this confirmed that the Holy Spirit will be there to help me!

  132. I am saying YES to God! Thank you so much for sharing your story- seems the Lord had even bigger plans for you 🙂 I pray that I can come to discern God’s plans for my life- I am sensing that the best is yet to come – praise God!

  133. I have just become apart of a small group Bible study and already can tell that being with other believers is so encouraging!! I am going through a bad season in life right now nd those women help me so much without even knowing. God orchestrated this knowing I Wouk need this support. He isAWESOME.

  134. Hi, I “clicked” to come to your site from Melissa’s site as I wanted to enter for the free book give=a=way for the upcoming OBS
    . And I’m so glad to find your site—I even subscribed. Read back in you archives of older posts too!

  135. Hi–I “clicked” to come to your site from Melissa’s so I could enter the book-give-away for the upcoming OBS. But I’m so glad to find your site–I even subscribed ! Also read some of your previous posts.

  136. I too often feel disconnected from God. I allow the busyness of life and a large family and multiple church duties to distract me. And yes lots of brainless time on Fb 🙂
    And yet many seem to pull my way and think I’m super connected. ( maybe on a really good day}
    Anyway thanks for offering this. Not sure how disciplined I’ll be, but I am ready to try.

  137. I really enjoyed your blog today, “How to connect with God” I began a really long journey into darkness that took a turn for the worse at the beginning of this year. I was so far away from God, and the light of Christ, that I began to really believe that I was to blame for some very devastating losses we had in our family this winter and spring. I had already been falling away, not only from my faith, and from God, but from everyone in my life. Then, when I was at my lowest moment, trying to figure out how I could escape this life, and thinking my family would be so much better off without me around, Jesus got me to sit quietly enough to finally hear Him. It was a revelation, and a real wake up call to me about why it was so easy for me to forgive & pray for everyone else but myself. My insecurities had grown into a huge manifestation of self loathing, and blaming myself for everything going wrong in the lives of anyone and everyone close to me. Years of having people tell me that I was worthless and unwanted, nothing but damaged goods had left my thinking really messed up. My Savior, saved me, set me free, and set the record straight that I WAS loved, I WAS valued, and I WAS perfectly made by my Heavenly Father. I now find joy daily in encouraging others, reading and quoting scripture on fb, and twitter, posting positive messages, and praying with all my heart for others, and for myself! Now I crave the Word of God, and I want to know more, and more about Him. I want what is left of the rest of my life to be for God’s Glory, and if I have nothing but the clothes on my back, I will never be anything but thankful for the gift of life from my God, and the gift of Grace, from my Savior, Christ Jesus! God Bless You!

  138. I would like to pray with my toddler. We are in the process of teaching him how he can talk to Jesus whenever he wishes, not just before we eat. Fun to listen to his simple requests.

  139. God has brought me to a place in my life where he has allowed me to lose many things (van due to engine issues, job due to many absences because of illness, home due to eviction and mom – 2006 & sis – 2002 who were both very dear to me and more). So in distancing myself this study comes at the opportune time for I know it is truly time to say to God because he’s the my rock at my bottom. Thank you for sharing this – it has helped me to realize much.

  140. Thank you so much for this reminder! It seems the days I “forget” or don’t seem to “have the time” to connect with God are the days that I need to the most. I dearly love the summer when my life as a teacher slows down somewhat and I have extended time to spend with God. I need to commit to keep that going throughout the year. I love the idea of praying with a few friends every day. I believe that will be my task for today…finding my prayer partners! Thank you!

  141. I know from experience that what you stated is true. I have allowed myself to become distant from my God. Other things like extra sleep have taken time from my connecting with God. I need my quiet time, as well as time with my sisters in Christ. I must make it a priority to put Christ first! Please pray for me.

  142. I am so excited about this study – I am at a point in my life where I need to say YES to God and His will. I would love to win this book – as a single mom recovering from cancer surgery, my resources are stretched pretty thin

  143. I love reaching out to new people around me and finding that they are enthusiastic to pray with me about their situations. Thank you for sharing today. See you at the OBS next month! – Jenny

  144. It is hard to step out and pray with others, I silently pray or I play worship music that others can hear. But when it comes to praying out loud my fear is great, I know God is greater than my fear and when I feel His push I can do it, but otherwise these lips stay glued shut! Sounds like I found a new thing to work on!

  145. Yes Linda that is exactly how I felt not too long ago. It was bed time and my son was camping out next to my bed having a sleep over in my bedroom and all the lights were off it was pitch dark and he asked mom can you please pray tonight before we go to sleep and I was like sure and in my mind i was thinking do i need to get up and turn the light on and go upstairs to get his bed time prayer book and i kinda felt nervous but then i just start praying out loud instead.

  146. This is the first time I have participated in an online Bible study. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for it to begin!

  147. This is the first time I have participated in an online Bible study. I am so excited! Can’t wait for it to begin!

  148. I’ve recently left a ministry where I had volunteered for over 7years because God has called me to step out on my own (of course with Him). This is all new territory and I’m scared and excited all at the same time.
    In His Grace~Tammy

    • Tammy, I know it is scary and exciting all at the same time when you step out in faith to move when God tells you too. Praying for his favor on your ministry in you obedience. 🙂

  149. I am so looking forward to joining you all!
    I do pray often…all day… but never with others. It is something to aspire to!
    I am saying Yes!!
    thank you for all you are doing!
    God Bless!
    Tess S.

  150. Linda,

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts!! I have felt like this for months! Can’t seem to connect with God on a daily basis. But what a wonderful idea to connect with God with someone else through the power of prayer! Asking God to give me courage to ask someone I have in mind to pray with me!

  151. Great post. So true. I really need to work on being consistant with praying with my 14 year old daughter. She gets resistant at times, but I know if I am obedient to God in this area we will be blessed.

  152. Praying with other people has been a lifesaver for me. It has been a powerful privilege to have others who at some times are seemingly stronger to support me and other time it is my time to support them. God has indeed blessed it in so many ways.

  153. I am in an accountability group of 3 other women and prayer time seems to be one thing we all 4 struggle with it. Maybe we should try praying all together when we meet together. This will be a suggestion I bring to our next time together. This will be out of our comfort zone.

    • Missy, I praying for you and your group now for God to move in a powerful way in your time together and grow each of your relationships in him. Please let me know how it turns out 🙂

  154. I said YES!!
    I am looking forward to connecting with you all!! I am very excited to start the bible study!
    thanks for a great post and for helping with this opportunity for us all!
    God Bless!
    Tess S.

  155. I am so excited for this study to begin! I am doing it with my 3 girlfriends-my prayer/life partners…all 3 of us are looking forward to it!

    Here’s hoping we win a book or two 🙂

  156. I feel so blessed by Proverbs 31 ministry which continues to lead me to some amazing, inspiring, faithful women! So many blogs, so little time, LOL!

  157. I know there was a time in my life I felt the exact same way. Afraid and unworthy to pray in front of others. But as I began my walk and my relationship grew I realized that when the words were needed I could trust that His Holy Spirit would provide. I also knew that the when I closed my eyes and began to pray I was truly speaking with my Friend.

  158. Morning Linda,
    I signed up last month for the bible study and unfortunately I’ll be doing the study on my own, but I will be sharing the information that I get with my friend that prays for me and with me. I feel there is a calling on my life to encourage and help others and I’m seeking a closer walk with God so I can fulfill His plans for my life not my own. Looking forward to the study and the wisdom that I know the Lord has shared with you to share with the many women around the world that wants to say “YES” but are scared and don’t know how. “God I say YES.” I am ready to began and embrace my growth and walk with God. “Bless me Lord with a copy of the book.”

    Thank you,

  159. I have been blesses with a wonderful friend whom I can call to pray with. Distance does not stand in our way.

  160. I thank you for all of your inspirations they help me in my walk with Christ. We’re going through a very rough time right now. We lost our home because my husband became injured at work and I have been disabled do to an auto accident for 12 years causing not only injury but depression. Its taken me a while to respond to Gods repeated efforts to call me back to Him. I an now a believer and have given my life and baggage all over to Him through Jesus and have learned sooo much. In His name I pray all through out the day now. I cant afford one of the books, so I was wondering if I have to have it or can I just use my bible.

  161. ‘Sometimes I feel it is nearly impossible to get even a tiny glimpse of his presence. When that happens I find it is real easy to get off track quickly. I end up sleeping in a little later the next day and skipping my daily quiet time. Not before long I can look back and see it’s been days since I’ve encountered God and I find myself in a bit of a funk!’

    –> That right there! That’s what always happens to me and I never seem to see it until the last minute. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who has such experiences. I usually get my head back on track and then I feel like I loose it. Though this post really helped me. I liked it a lot. I signed up for the OBS, I plan on getting my head screwed on tight and not losing it this time or for any other time at that! Fighting!

    • Annie, I’m looking forward to having you at OBS!! You will love the community of women and the support & encouragement you receive. Get ready for some exciting times!

  162. I ordered my ebook today and look forward to reading it. Looking forward to the study and what the Lord has in his plan for me. Praise Him for he is love and his mercy endures forever. Waiting for the Lord to answer our prayers on the sale of the house. Please pray for this for me. We are in need to settle in our own home although my son opened his home so that we could live with him until we are able. God bless him with love and desire to love the Lord,

  163. We serve and amazing powerful God but every time we get in a funk, as you put it, we tend to try to fix it ourselves or even find it hard to pick up our sword (bible). I am so thankful for Gods love and patience. Thanks for sharing! <3 it!

  164. I am so excited to start this Bible study! My desire is to know God better and love Him more, to surrender my life and do His will. Sometimes I feel so far away, I know that it is a lifetime process, but I could really use some direction and encouragement to know that I am truly in His will.

  165. You’re post just shared what I have been thinking about and missing in my life–a friend to pray with. Thank you for your post and for encouraging all of us to find someone to pray with. This will be a life-changer for me! I have been teaching ladies for several years, but to pray in front of them seemed impossible! Now I have the courage to do just that! Thanks!

    • Sherry, I’m praying for you now for God to bring the perfect prayer partner in your life. He WILL answer your prayers in seeking him. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  166. I too have been hesitant to pray out loud for fear of not having a “good enough” or “deeply moving” prayer!! But each time I do pray it gets easier the next time. And God doesn’t care if we use fancy words. He just wants to hear from us!!

  167. It was such a delight to read the very first words of your entry today. The digital art of ” where two or three come together, in my name, I am with them” has spoken right to my heart. It is as though through you, God has confirmed He’s with me on my new journey. I am signed up for the Say Yes to God oBS & I have said a Big Yes to particapate & to Lead a group of us in study as we work through the course. Our group is 3 ! I am excited to hear from Him as I know He will be with me as I lead two new ladies in their first ever Bible study. My nerves of “wondering if I’ll do it right” have vansihed and have been replaced with Joy of the excitment in getting ready to share God’s word. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Sweet Regards, Brenda

    • Brenda, thank you for sharing with me. It’s exciting to see what God has in store for you!! Please let me know how it goes. I’m praying for God’s favor as you lead the way for these other beautiful women. Blessings~

  168. Amazing. This is an area I have been struggling through and praying about so often these days. I love when God brings us messages that seem to be addressed directly to us personally!! Thank you!

  169. I am so excited to be a part of the online bible study and an additional bonus of being introduced to your blog. Enjoyed today’s blog and look forward to receiving them.

  170. Thank you so much for this encouraging post.
    I feel the same about skipping the word of God and finding comfort at the wrong places that belongs to the world and not to the Lord. I want to get up early in the morning worshiping God, and lay down praising him and not checking my Facebook notifications and news feed.
    I want to create a deeper connection with God and I hope to achieve it during summer camp that I attending this summer.
    God bless!

  171. I hear you loud and clear. Sometime I forget that I need other people and that they want to connect with me. That’s one of the reasons that I want to do this Bible Study. Thanks for reminding me.

  172. Awesome post. I’m about to be bold and very transparent here. About a few years ago, I was on a great journey of spending time with God. It was amazing, I was fasting, praying, and studying. It’s so true, about how one day, can turn into two and so on. And before I really had realized how long it had been, since I had my quite with Him, it had already turned in to a couple of months. I long for that time, commitment, and discipline I had, but now I find myself in a place where I keep reminding myself of such negative ideas. But everyday is a new day. I get up in the morning and make some time, even if its a few minutes or 30 minutes, the point is I make time. So, with all that said, Thank you for your post. It’s a vessel He uses, to let me know I’m not alone. ; )

  173. I am fortunate to have a Christian counselor that prays for me and with me. I struggle with chronic depression and she has stayed by me for over 15 years. I have never done an online Bible study or regular Bible study in my life. I’m excited to see what happens!

  174. This was such an appointed read for me, as I’ve been in/very much STILL in a “spiritual funk.” This scripture reassures me that God knows you can’t go this life alone and that I’m not crazy for knowing I can’t rep Christ appropriately w/o the support of my fellow sisters. Thank you SO much for publishing & God Bless you, sis!!

    • Deann, I’m standing in prayer with you to be connected with the right person. I recently prayed specifically for God to bring someone in my life and he blessed me beyond everything I prayed for. Thank you for sharing and being real. Much love to you.

  175. I can ask my honey to pray with me today…..maybe if you all pray with me he might agree….I can’t wait to see how me saying yes to God will change me and how me changing will affect those around me.

  176. I would love to win a book as I don’t have the money to buy one. Thank you so very much if I become one of your winners. I know God will bless me with or without a book. God will bless us all. With Christian Love, Amy

  177. I am very excited about this online bible study. I have never done one like this before. Getting very pumped about getting close to God through all these women who I hope one day will be my friends.

  178. Very excited about doing this online bible study never been apart of one before. Getting pumped about what all God is going to do through it.

  179. I’ve registered for the online classes but I have come across a problem. My husband lost his job and I can’t purchase one at this time. I would really be happy to win the book. It would be a big blessing. I’m looking forward for this classes. Gob bless u.

  180. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that my difficulty with praying aloud was caused by pride. I was more concerned with how other people would percieve me. The only person I am concerned with pleasing is the Lord. I won’t say that I don’t get a little nervous around new people, but I just don’t “over think” and keep it simple. Looking forward to the Bible study.

  181. Today was a day of stepping out of my comfort zone and saying YES to GOD.Not in prayer but by confessing my faith, through Baptism.
    I so looking forward to this study, and learning how to continue to say YES to God.

  182. I believe also when we get into fellowship with other Christians, we quicken our “spirit man” for greater works. I have been in situations where i feel so down because i feel i have disappointed God with my actions and instead of getting to him i feel i should hide. Fortunately for me my workplace has a christian fellowship that meets every morning between 7:00 – 7:30 am to pray and study the word. I was invited by a friend and i found so much joy, peace and love. Since i have not let anything hinder me from getting to work extra early to join them in fellowship. I would encourage everyone to find someone or group of people with whom fellowship in Christ Jesus can be made.


  183. A precious new believer in Christ has pushed me out of my comfort zone by asking me to pray with her. We do so now over the phone as she has joined the Air Force. And she thinks I’m helping her, when really, she’s helping me! I love how God’s plans play out.

  184. I am excited to start a online Bible Study. This will be my first one. I am going to library to pick a copy of the book. Hopefully will be able to borrow it for the whole study. Have a great day.

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