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Everyone needs a Coach!


To get us out of our comfort zone, take action and follow through on our passions that are buried deep within us. A coach will challenge and hold you accountable to be the best person you can possible be.

Often, without a coach we end up living humdrum stagnate lives just going through the motions day in and day out.

We have all asked ourselves “Why am I here? Is this all there is to life?” But most of the time we just settle back into our routine and never really push ourselves to find out why we are here and how to begin living fully alive.

I will coach you to discover God’s purpose for your life, immediately start living and loving courageously while learning how to push through resistance. This my friend is called living a full wholehearted life.

If you are ready to move forward, I want to coach you!

The focus of our sessions will be centered around:

1. Where am I now?

2. Where am I going?

3. How will I get there?

4. What might get in the way?

Side note, this is not easy work, but I promise the reward is worth it! Here’s what a few clients had to say…

“When I started working with Linda, I couldn’t really define my goals for coaching. I knew I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit scattered. One of the first things I did was take spiritual gifts assessment. This was my first step in getting some real focus. I realized that I was committed to a number of things that were not bringing me joy, but instead were draining my energy. Over several weeks I gained clarity about my talents and priorities, and was able to regain a sense of serenity, which is priceless!” Cassie C., NJ

“Linda is an insightful, knowledgeable, kind and a compassionate Life Coach. In a few short sessions she was able to help me identify obstacles and give me practical steps to reach personal and professional goals. I would use her again and highly recommend her to anyone who needs help on any level of growth.” Rosalie S., CA

“I was at a point in my life where I was floundering in so many areas and things just felt so chaotic.  During my first call with Linda, she helped me to drill down to the root causes of why my life was the way it was, and helped me find ways that I could take charge of those areas–simplify, be intentional and, through little baby steps, make changes that really made a difference.  Linda was there for me each day with a text or an email to cheer me on!  I love her caring and personal nature, and I enjoyed the time I spent with her immensely.  She is a blessing and, should you choose to work with her, I truly believe your life will be enriched and improved as mine was.” Linda L., WI

Clients who are successful working with me tend to have these qualities:

1. Motivation

2. Desire

3. Commitment

4. Fear (It’s normal to feel afraid when starting something new!)

If you have these four qualities, you are ready to embrace a more passionate wholehearted you by beginning the coaching process.

6 Individual Sessions

I’ve found that two months (6 sessions) of consistent focus moves my clients from living in resistance to fully embracing God’s direction for a wholehearted life. For this reason, I offer 6 sessions throughout a two-month period. Each session is 45 minutes via phone or Skype. After completion, most clients move to individual sessions on an as needed basis, however many feel complete at the end of the program.

What does each session include? Every woman is different and moving through a unique season of life. Therefore each session is uniquely created to meet her needs.

A typical Coaching Session will include 10 Significant Steps to guide you towards living a passionate wholehearted life:

1.   Begin with prayer ~ I will lead us in prayer by inviting God into each session and asking for His guidance.

2.   Discuss Client Prep Form ~ We will review where you are, and where you want to be in order to achieve your goals.

3.   Client/Coach dialog ~ This is where the rubber meets the road. We will dig deep to bring self-awareness and focus on what it means for you to live wholeheartedly.

4.   Coaching questions ~ As your coach, I will ask you the tough questions that many people around you may be afraid to ask.

5.   Brainstorming ~ Ideas are not just born from your coach. We will discuss together what it means for you to be successful in this program.

6.   Consider possible obstacles ~ Roadblocks, you will have them, they do exist, and there can be a lot of them. I will teach you the tools to remove them and move forward. Often clients use these tools in other areas of their life.

7.   Create an action plan ~ We will agree upon an action plan.

8.   Discuss accountability plan ~ Accountability is the heart of the Coach/Client relationship.

9.   Explore possible assignments between sessions ~ Homework. Depending on your unique situation there may be some assignments that will be done between our sessions.

10. End with prayer ~ As we complete our session, we will praise God. (I do not ask my clients to pray out loud unless they prefer.)

As always, it is up to the client to determine the priority of each session. We may spend an extended period of time on a particular area, however every call will prepare the client for a successful week ahead.

Support in Between Sessions

Questions may arise during the week. I am available by email to answer questions and to give feedback in between sessions.

This is meant to be a serious commitment. By sowing the seeds and to grow the way God intends, you are in essence, saying that you are ready to move forward in commitment and accountability with me as your coach.

Option 1 – Highly Focused Program {6 Sessions}  

The cost for this program is $750 for the two-months (6 sessions). 

I know that this is not inexpensive. It is not for women who are looking for minimal improvements, hoping to make a change, or who are not sure if they are ready to be successful. This is meant to be an incentive for you to finally break down the walls that are blocking you and create permanent change.

Purchase Highly Focused Program here

Option 2 – Focus Program {3 sessions} 

This alternative package includes three 45-minute sessions for $375. Clients who need a refresher from the two-month program or who are further along in their journey may choose this program.  Each session will include the same 10 Significant Steps to guide you towards courage and wholehearted living.

Purchase Focused Program here

Individual sessions include one 45-minute session for $125. Individual sessions are meant to be a refresher for clients who have completed a coaching package. Few women find a single session to be enough, however it is a way for first time clients to explore living courageously through Christian Life Coaching.

Purchase Individual Sessions here

If you are looking to be coached specifically on living a consistent Healthy Lifestyle, check out the 2018 Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Package!


It’s been 8 years since my battle with cancer and a coma. And oh how I’ve learned so much about living intentional Every. Single. Day.

I confess to you that it took me almost the entire past 8 years to fully embrace my life … my health … my eating … my exercising … my relationships … my business!

Desperately I longed to have a life full of passion, zeal, success, health, but no matter how hard I tried it was just out of my reach. After dozens of attempts (and I mean dozens!) to pull myself together to find the right balance and actually be satisfied at the end of each day, I finally stumbled upon the right formula for living a Healthy Lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle filled with excitement for each new day, full of purpose, achievement and of course lots of fun! I found a lifestyle that has substance anchored in stability. No more all or nothing thinking. No more striving on my own, no more “I’ll start again on Monday”, no more beating myself up when I fell off the wagon with pizza and soda followed up with a mini bunt cake, and no more with the “I’m not good enough!”

I’m thrilled to share with you what I’ve learned over the last eight years and coach you into living a consistent Healthy Lifestyle.

If you are struggling in any of the following areas this coaching program is for you!

  • Health
  • Eating
  • Exercising
  • Relationships
  • Business

My simple 3-step Healthy Lifestyle Coaching package includes the following:

  • Accountability, accountability, accountability!
  • Four (1 hour) Coaching Sessions …. PLUS A HUGE BONUS! You have the option to meet four consecutive weeks OR once a month for 4 months! Yes you have the option to have a coach for FOUR months!
  • Weekly Email Support

Questions to Consider; What does a healthy lifestyle look like for you? How will you accomplish it this year? Who will keep you accountable? When will you get started?

For this program I am currently taking a limited number of clients. Please complete application here.

Program Fee: $599

My promise is that our conversations will be insightful and valuable for you to begin immediately moving forward in your goals.  If we decide not to work together after your first session, I will be happy to refund 100% of your money immediately.  You are welcome to keep all information you receive from the call.

We will remain friends, as friendship is not determined by business!


I highly value each client and that is why I do not offer a “rushed” coaching experience.  Our conversations will create a uniquely crafted coaching experience to meet your individual needs.

5 Excellent Benefits to Experience Coaching:

1)   Clarify your values, goals and purpose.

I believe we must have a clear direction for our life.  We are so easily distracted by our fast pace lifestyles that it is easy to have a blurred vision of where we want to go or what we really want to change in our life. Coaching will give you clarity to identify your values, goals and purpose.

2)   Balance

I believe in order to find a balance in our lives we must remove energy drainers.  Sometimes it’s hard to identify on our own what is really draining us on a daily basis. Once we remove these obstacles we can naturally achieve more balance in our life.

3)  Perseverance

I believe to have the ability to sustain our goals we need a plan that is simple to repeat to keep us moving forward. Perseverance is all about the baby steps!

4)   Accountability

I believe it is so much easier to accomplish goals when we are accountable to someone.  Making a commitment to someone other than ourself typically gives us just enough fuel to keep moving forward to achieve great things.

5)   Prevent Backsliding

I believe we will encounter unexpected challenges. When we do not get the support we need it is so easy to postpone or delay our goals. The accountability you receive during coaching will prevent backsliding and give you enough stamina to persevere in moving forward in your goals.


What is Coaching? Coaching guides people to move from where they are to where they want to be. Coaching looks towards the future, not the past. Coaching is not therapy.

What is Christian Coaching? Christian coaching guides people from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Why choose to coach with me? As your coach, I will hold you accountable. My responsibility is to motivate, challenge and guide you in a loving and encouraging environment. I will ask you tough questions, provide you with focus and structure to clarify what you want to achieve so that you can experience a more joyful life. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to grow spiritually in your relationship with Christ and discover the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit.

How will my life improve as I receive coaching? You will experience personal growth and spiritual transformation during coaching.

How are sessions provided? Over the phone, in person or Skype.

How do I pay for my sessions? You can use any credit card accepted by Square

What are your payment terms?  Full payment is required prior to the first coaching session.

How long is one session? 45 minutes

Do I have assignments between sessions? Yes.

Are you available to talk with me between sessions? Yes, via email.

Do I need to be over 18 years old to receive coaching?  Yes.

Do you coach people of any Christian denomination?  Yes.

What is your statement of faith? I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He lived a sinless life on earth and died a criminal’s death for our sins. Through his blood we are forgiven and free to have a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.

Do you coach unbelievers of Jesus Christ? Yes, however my coaching sessions will come from a biblical perspective.

Where did you receive training and certification? I graduated from Christian Coach Institute that I highly recommend. I am also a Board Certified Coach with the Center for Credentialing and Education, as well as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.

Do you do public speaking? Yes, you can contact me here.

Can I interview you? Yes, you can contact me here.

Contact Linda: linda@lindakuhar.com