What is Coaching? Coaching guides people to move from where they are to where they want to be.  Coaching looks towards the future, not the past.  Coaching is not therapy.

What is Christian Coaching?  Christian coaching guides people from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Why choose to coach with me? As your coach, I will hold you accountable.  My responsibility is to motivate, challenge and guide you in a loving and encouraging environment.  I will ask you tough questions, provide you with focus and structure to clarify what you want to achieve so that you can experience a more joyful life.  Most importantly, you have the opportunity to grow spiritually in your relationship with Christ and discover the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit.

How will my life improve as I receive coaching?  You will experience personal growth and spiritual transformation during coaching.

How many sessions will I need? My goal is to have the client see results sooner than expected.  The average client works with me between 3 to 9 sessions.

How are sessions provided? Over the phone, in person or Skype.

How are do I pay for my sessions?  Currently the only method of payment is through Paypal.

What are your payment terms?  Full payment is required prior to the first coaching session.

How long is one session? 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes

Do I have assignments between sessions? Yes.

Are you available to talk with me between sessions? Yes, via email.

Do I need to be over 18 years old to receive coaching?  Yes.

Do you coach people of any Christian denomination?  Yes.

What is your statement of faith?  I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He lived a sinless life on earth and died a criminals death for our sins.  Through his blood we are forgiven and free to have a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.

Do you coach unbelievers of Jesus Christ?  Yes, however my coaching sessions will come from a biblical perspective.

Do you do public speaking?  Yes, you can contact me here.

Can I interview you?  Yes, you can contact me here.

5 Excellent Benefits to Experience Coaching:

1)   Clarify your values, goals and purpose.

I believe we must have a clear direction for our life.  We are so easily distracted by our fast pace lifestyles that it is easy to have a blurred vision of where we want to go or what we really want to change in our life.  Coaching will give you clarity to identify your values, goals and purpose.

2)   Balance

I believe in order to find a balance in our lives we must remove energy drainers.  Sometimes it’s hard to identify on our own what is really draining us on a daily basis.  Once we remove these obstacles we can naturally achieve more balance in our life.

3)  Perseverance

I believe to have the ability to sustain our goals we need a plan that is simple to repeat to keep us moving forward.  Perseverance is all about the baby steps!

4)   Accountability

I believe it is so much easier to accomplish goals when we are accountable to someone.  Making a commitment to someone other than ourself typically gives us just enough fuel to keep moving forward to achieve great things.

5)   Prevent Backsliding

I believe we will encounter unexpected challenges.  When we do not get the support we need it is so easy to postpone or delay our goals.  The accountability you receive during coaching will prevent backsliding and give you enough stamina to persevere in moving forward in your goals.

Contact Linda:      Email: linda@lindakuhar.com