Linda Kuhar, Certified Christian Life Coach speaks for conferences, retreats, women’s events, mother-daughter events and cancer support organizations.


A Miracle (Linda’s Testimony):

May 11, 2009 was supposed to be another ordinary day, for 34-year-old wife and mother, Linda Kuhar until a routine doctor’s visit turned into Stage 3 cancer. Linda and her family did not think life could get any worse. Five months into chemo treatments their world turned upside-down. Linda was in a month long coma given less than five percent chance of survival.  The doctor’s said divine intervention was the only hope left. Loved ones gathered for a prayer vigil and believed for a Miracle! Linda shares her powerful story that leaves you with:

  • A renewed hope in Jesus Christ.
  • Restoration of the soul.
  • Passion to connect with God in deeper intimacy.
  • Truth, that God always has the last word. 

I Am Enough:

After being miraculously healed Linda started sharing her testimony with people all over the world because she knew God had a plan and purpose for her life. As the weeks and months passed, Linda found herself in an unexpected pit of despair. She struggled with believing she was worthy of a miracle. The more she wrestled with unworthiness, the more she believed the lies of shame, guilt and condemnation. When she cried out to the Lord in doubt and disbelief, the truth was exposed. She discovered “I am enough”.  The Great I Am renewed and transformed Linda’s life from the inside out. Her story will move you to:

  • Get real with God.
  • Embrace life with new confidence.
  • Exchange question marks for periods.
  • Acceptance for where you are today in your faith.

Audacious Faith (40 Day Juice Fast):

What if I asked you to drink juice 40 days straight? No chewing allowed. Just slurping on pure vegetable and fruit juice. No way! That’s what Linda said when the Holy Spirit prompted her one early October morning. As she sipped her coffee she argued with God. Determined that she loved her food way too much to give it up for 40 days, the Lord softly whispered, “Linda, if I cannot trust you with food, how can I trust you with people?” She felt a sting piercing her heart. Linda’s passion is to love and encourage women around the world to achieve God’s purpose in their very own lives. She committed the next 40 days that very moment. Her message will guide you to:

  • A sweet place of surrender.
  • Inspire you to live in audacious faith every day.
  • Embrace God’s word with expectancy and excitement.
  • Quit making excuses and start today.

13.1 Miles of Grace

Have you ever wanted to run a half marathon (13.1 miles)? Or maybe you think that’s totally insane? Join Linda as she takes you on a 13.1 mile journey of God’s divine grace. When Linda woke up from a month long coma she was told she would never walk or breath again on her own. Exactly one year later she ran across the finish line at the Virginia Beach Half Marathon. Linda will inspire you to:

  • Make your bucket list and start today.
  • Change the way you think.
  • Learn about God’s amazing grace that is available to everyone.
  • Discover hidden passions and dreams.

It’s Time to LEAP!

When Linda became a Certified Christian Life Coach in 2010 she discovered her greatest passion! She wanted to do for other women what had been done for her. After working with a coach, she was able to see herself as a strong and confident woman of God. Linda inspires women to LEAP into their true identity in Christ by Loving and Encouraging women to Achieve God’s Purpose in their lives. Through Linda’s message and coaching exercises you will:

  • Explore the coaching process.
  • Clarify your values.
  • Identify your spiritual gifts.
  • Leap!

For more information on booking please email me at linda@lindakuhar.com.