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My Broken Prayer


Dear God,

I’m tired. I’m hurting. How can this be happening again? Why are You allowing this pain?

I don’t want to be broken. I want to be whole. I know this is an unrealistic expectation during this lifetime, but I want to be without this ache in my soul. I don’t want another heartache.

Haven’t I been through enough in my life?

I confess God I get angry, very angry because You allow me to walk through these painful trials … yet again.

I’m sorry.

God, how can I live in constant peace in this broken place?

Is that attainable?

Truth is I’m sad … I’m devastated.

I want to fix this with my own hands, in my own strength. The only way I know how to do that is to simply lift my hands up to You with what little strength I have left in me.

Tears soak my face. Dripping on my laptop. The need to understand dissolves.

Thank you God.

I receive Your peace now. I will rest in your constant peace.

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