3 Questions to Ask at Your Christmas Dinner

As 2016 is winding down I encourage you to take a little time and reflect. While I know this year has not been “perfect” and there are some things you might want to permanently erase from your mind, I do believe without question that we can find much to be grateful for and celebrate. Here are 3 questions I’m pondering myself and asking my family as 2016 fades into 2017.


For me this year has been a time of rest, renewal, healing and growth. I can honestly say 2016 has been one of my favorite years yet. Not because everything worked out the way I wanted it to, but mainly because I simply gave up striving and just let myself be. I found this year I took time to live with intention and enjoy the sweet simple moments with my loved ones. It was time well spent and I will carry that into next year.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below about what you learned from 2016.


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