Fear of Failure

The fear of failing can be absolutely paralyzing!


I cannot tell you the countless hours I’ve wasted my life away agonizing over looking stupid, afraid of falling flat on my face to windup being labeled a failure.  Not only have I used up valuable mental energy consumed with fear, it also sucks the life out of me physically.

I remember waking up from many weeks in a coma on life support.  Nothing on my body worked.  My muscles were extremely atrophied and no matter how much I thought with my mind, I can move my arms and legs, nothing would happen.  At the time, those were some of the worst days of my entire life!

However, looking back today I can proudly say those were actually some of the best days of my life!


Because I learned to push through the fear and fight for what God wanted for my life.  God not only had plans for me to walk again, but actually to run 13.1 miles a year later!

To overcome fear, it comes down to one little word…CHOICE.  We have a choice to make. Believe the lie that we are powerless or believe the absolute truth; we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Philippians 4:13

Remember, just because we “feel” something doesn’t always mean it’s true!

What choice are you going to make today?  Believe the truth?  Believe the lie?

Leave me a comment today and tell me what you choice you are making.

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Put Your Hands Up

I have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter who looks as if she’s going on 19.  I don’t know what happened, but it’s like I went to sleep one night with a baby girl by my side and the very next morning I woke up to a young lady who is madly in love with Justin Bieber, obsessed with what to wear and could never have enough colors of nail polish.  Now all of a sudden I find myself in panic mode to make sure she knows “enough” about Jesus and that her identity is completely emerged in Christ and not in any way shape or form what others say about who she is.  In my typical control freak nature, I’ve tried to have conversations (more like manipulations) with her to clarify who she really is and what she really believes.

So just last week I said, “Meg who do you think healed me from cancer?” and with a dumb founded expression she rolled her eyes and said “duh Mom, Jesus!”  I have to admit I felt pretty stupid and yet a burst of relief all at the same time.  That’s when I realized again we do not have to push our beliefs on others, but to simply allow others to observe our lives and decide for themselves.

As a Women’s Christian Life Coach, I have many clients that have husbands or loved ones that are not followers of Christ and they struggle with holding their tongue and waiting patiently for God to move in their lives.  But what I’ve recently learned in scripture is that “Often we look for God’s glorious acts without concern for following his instructions” NIV Study Bible.  My point being is that we must continue every day to patiently TRUST God in a posture of obedience with our lives.   What does that look like for you?  For me personally it starts with meeting the Lord on my knees in the early morning hours or putting my hands up to praise Him in worship.  It’s funny how our postures show exactly what we are feeling internally.  I would like to encourage you the next time you meet with God to notice how you are approaching His throne.  Does your posture reflect His instructions for your life?  Does it show the ultimate love you want so desperately for others to believe?

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How would your life be different if you really believed God’s infinite power in your life?  Would you live like a superhero?  I think I would soar through my days never looking back.  Fear, disbelief, insecurities would not exist!  Approaching problems would be exciting and thrilling because the end result would always be success.

Wow!  Why can’t life really be like that?  Wait a minute.  It can be if we choose to really believe who Christ says He is.  According to Ephesians 3:20,  “He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”.

So then why don’t we live every day like a super hero?  One thing I’m certain of is that in this lifetime we will never comprehend exactly who God is and the order of how and why things happen.  In the book of Job, God points out that if we cannot fully grasp common events such as nature, then how can we truly understand God’s moral purposes for our lives?  We end up wasting so much time trying to figure out who God is that we put very little time in just simply believing.  Today let’s shift our mindset to believing God’s ultimate power over us.

  • What can you trust God with today?
  • How will your life be different by doing this?
  • Are you ready to experience God’s unlimited power?

I would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment below.