“Linda Kuhar is an exceptionally gifted Christian Life Coach. She cuts to the core of
issues quickly and skillfully. Her warm caring style and positive energy encourages
one to pursue the changes needed to live a happier and more spiritually
fulfilling life. Linda’s talent at coaching provides new perspectives to issues. Her extraordinary and delightful manner at gently and compassionately nudging one to creating positive results in ones life is done in an organized as well as most kind and loving manner. Linda was truly God sent for me, and I always look forward to our sessions together.” -Maggie P., PA
“Linda is amazing! She’s genuine, the real deal! In each call you can hear it in her voice how much she genuinely cares & has a deep desire to help. She’s positive & uplifting, encouraging & supportive. Linda will even be the first to tell you that it all comes from God & not her, that she is God’s vessel being used by him to bring his words to you.” -Tricia D., IN
“I am so thankful God led me to Linda. Coaching is exactly what I needed at a desperate time in my life. I just felt so stuck and held back. Linda asked questions that had me digging deeper and she was always so encouraging and had me pressing forward always pointing me to Jesus. My time with her has been so special and I have a new excitement and passion for life.” –Bethany G., PA

“Working with Linda was truly a joy. Linda’s upbeat personality was a breath of fresh air for me during one of my most challenging times. She encouraged me to dig deep to examine certain areas of my life and to intentionally look at what I needed to initiate change. During this time I began to seek God’s purpose for my life in a way like never before and it continues to this day. I have grown so much in the things of God since these sessions.  What I know is that God brought us together. I needed a jump-start in my walk and I believe that the Lord used Linda to accomplish it. I would say to anyone who is looking for a genuine, kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental voice during a confusing time, Linda Kuhar is your person. I highly recommend her.”–Sheilah W., GA

“Linda was a delight to work with by phone sessions as I prepared for a first time speaking presentation for 150 women at a church brunch. Once I prepared my content, Linda helped me fine tune it. Her insights on how to connect with an audience were invaluable. She helped me see God’s “big picture” of my speaking presentation so I could relax and take my eyes off myself,  and truly minister to the women in the audience. The event was a huge success. Not just because my content was valuable, but because Linda helped me communicate in a way that reached women’s hearts.” –Kay Long, AZ

“I was not looking for a Life Coach. To be honest, I had no clue what a Life Coach was, let alone a Christian Life Coach. It was by circumstance and God’s blessing that I found Linda. What better way to heal and move forward than feeding yourself spiritually so you can then mentally and physically align yourself with what God has planned for your life.  Linda, through God’s leading helped me step outside of situations and not get stuck in the pit that was calling my name. I love Linda’s gentle ways, her love for the Lord and her genuine heart that seeks to help others reach their God-given potential.”–Trish C., NY

“Linda has been an inspiration in my life.  Her ability to genuinely love others shows in her communication and presence. She gives me undivided attention, by listening and never judging. Her words of wisdom are inspiring and motivating. Linda has changed my life; she makes me want to be a better Christian. Linda has taught me to fully rely on God and I’m so grateful for the door that has been opened!”Steph K., NC

“Linda is an insightful, knowledgeable, kind and a compassionate Life Coach. In a few short sessions she was able to help me identify obstacles and give me practical steps to reach personal and professional goals. I would use her again and highly recommend her to anyone who needs help on any level of growth.” –Rosalie S., CA

“What a blessing and an honor it has been to meet Linda.  She helped me define, establish and finish some goals that were very important to me.  What we accomplished in our sessions, were priceless information and Christian guidance that genuinely helped me finish 3 of my 4 goals.  My fourth goal is an ongoing goal, and she helped me come full circle in my own decisions on how to make it happen.  I feel very strongly that I will be able to accomplish this goal with the tools Linda gave me. She has a true gift from the Lord to work with and help people. Her deep faith shines through in her gentle guidance and Christ centered expertise every time.  Linda’s faith and her own life experiences make her an outstanding Christian Life Coach. I always felt so blessed during our conversations. I looked so forward to our calls each week.  She is a bright shining star, very passionate so much so, you feel like a shining star yourself after talking to Linda. She is an encourager, great listener, and full of expert advice on how to accomplish goals.” –Cathy F., TX

“My time with Linda is very important to me.  She helps me collect all my scattered thoughts and pull them together into one manageable piece to look at.  I never feel judged or belittled.  She has such a gentle, calming spirit about her that slows me down and helps me take a real look at my life. She is a gift to me.”  –Debbie T., NC

“Sometimes the details of life get overwhelming. In these moments you need a compassionate heart and the words of God spoken into your situation. Linda has been granted these gifts and she displays them with grace and charm. My walk with Christ has changed completely while working with Linda. Not in a way I expected but in a way truly needed.” –Joline D., MN

“Linda was such an inspiration and a blessing from God. Her questions challenged me in ways that allowed me to grow and begin working towards my dream while Fully Relying On God.” –Denise C., FL

“When I started working with Linda, I couldn’t really define my goals for coaching. I knew I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit scattered. One of the first things I did was take a spiritual gifts assessment. This was my first step in getting some real focus. I realized that I was committed to a number of things that were not bringing me joy, but instead were draining my energy.  Over several weeks I gained clarity about my talents and priorities, and was able to regain a sense of serenity, which is priceless!  I am so grateful that Linda was able to walk with me through a challenging time with kindness, empathy and humor.” –Cassie C., NJ

“I have been truly blessed having Linda as my Christian Life Coach. Along with being a caring, sensitive person, she listens and asks powerful questions that really helps clarify where you are and where you want to go. She brings a spiritual insight into her coaching that is amazing! The next thing you know you are beginning to make sense of what you need to do to move forward. I praise the Lord for bringing her into my life!” –Merril M., FL

“I was at a point in my life where I was floundering in so many areas and things just felt so chaotic.  During my first call with Linda, she helped me to drill down to the root causes of why my life was the way it was, and helped me find ways that I could take charge of those areas–simplify, be intentional and, through little baby steps, make changes that really made a difference.  Linda was there for me each day with a text or an email to cheer me on!  I love her caring and personal nature, and I enjoyed the time I spent with her immensely.  She is a blessing and, should you choose to work with her, I truly believe your life will be enriched and improved as mine was.” –Linda L., WI

“I am so thankful that God directed my path to Linda Kuhar.  I’m a pretty organized, type A, driven person and wasn’t real sure what benefit I would get from a Coach, but I was feeling restless in my business and knew that wasn’t a good place to be.  For me, this was a great investment in money and time.  Knowing that I was dealing with a “like minded” individual who was praying with me and for my business gave me the confidence that God was going to show me what to do next by clearing a path to move forward, or shutting a door where I shouldn’t go.  Linda listened to what I was sharing and would point out different areas that she heard I may need to focus on or think about.  I spent 4 weeks being coached by Linda and through her God shared “nuggets” that will last a lifetime.”     –Melanie S., FL

“Working with Linda as my Christian Life Coach has really helped incorporate more Christian practices in my life. She also assured me that I’m a valuable, worthy human being with great qualities. I enjoyed how she opened and closed our sessions with prayer. She really made me feel like a valuable person during our time together, since the focus was all on me.”–Dawn B., WI

“Linda is a genuine person.  She is great at asking the right questions in order to help you problem solve. She is a great listener!”–Dina B., NC

“Linda Kuhar is a genuine, kind, insightful and intuitive person. She actively listens and she hears me. She helps me sort through and discover what is behind my words and feelings. Linda is comfortable to “sit with” the process of discovery. Though my emotions may feel intense to me, she is centered and present, which is grounding and gives me a safe place to explore my thoughts and feelings. She has been, and continues to be, an important person on my journey to wellness and freedom from co-dependency. I believe her work is a true calling from God. All praise to Him who rescued us!”–Linda H., NC

“Linda was instrumental is helping me through a very difficult time.  I had an unexpected turn in my life, and although I had so much to be thankful for and knew that I should be able to move on, I felt stuck and unable to do so.  I was frustrated, unable to focus, and floundering.  I had never had a Christian Life Coach before, but when I came across Linda’s information on a website, I felt that it was worth a try. If God had not led me to her, I would likely still be struggling.  Linda is not only a great listener, she is very wise. I would highly recommend Linda as a Christian Life Coach because she made a huge difference in my life and helped me move forward.”–Elizabeth C., AL

“Linda has been such a blessing in my life, words can’t possibly begin to describe how much better my life is for knowing her!  I met Linda a few years ago shortly before her diagnoses of cancer. I was a new Christian and just beginning to open my life up to the possibilities of a God-focussed life. Witnessing first hand how strong, faithful and courageous this woman is blew me away! Seeing the miraculous healing by our loving God in her life has strengthened my faith tenfold.  I look forward to and enjoy spending time with her while drawing closer to the Lord. I truly thank Jesus for bringing her into my life!” –Jacquie G., NC

“I love that after praying for a Christian Coach for a year God led me to you. I am amazed how he as knit us together, the bond we share and how this journey has brought me closer to Him. You have taken me so far this year in my journey with God. I accept your invitation to join you on the next leg of this journey. I’m looking forward to it.”–Randi R., NY

“I think God led me to find Linda’s Christian coaching. She held me accountable and she was a great encourager!”–Kim C., VT

“I am thankful for connecting with you this year! I don’t believe I ever told you that I did decide to pursue training from Christian Coach Institute. It has been a wonderful experience at CCI, and I am very thankful for your encouragement and support. It played a huge part in my decision to join CCI! You are an inspiration and encouragement to everyone you reach out too. I know just brief contact with you helped propel my life in a positive direction. I am excited to be able to call myself a coach, and join along side of you and many others as part of the CCI Alumni!”–Julie S., NY

Contact Linda:      Email: linda@lindakuhar.com       Phone: 704-443-8482