God’s Strength and our Courage create Miracles!

Linda Kuhar coaches women around the globe in

spiritual growth!

As your Christian Life Coach I will empower you to immediately start living and loving courageously while learning how to push through resistance. We have all asked ourselves “What’s God’s plan for me?” or “Is this all there is to life?” but struggle to find the courage to answers those questions and move forward. Are you ready to step into a new life of COURAGE?

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Our Coaching Sessions focus around:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Clarity & Direction
  • Fears of Rejection or Failure
  • Self-love, Acceptance, Compassion
  • Life Purpose
  • Motivation, Accountability, Change

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Kind, Sweet Words~

“Linda is amazing! She’s genuine, the real deal! In each call you can hear it in her voice how much she genuinely cares & has a deep desire to help. She’s positive & uplifting, encouraging & supportive. Linda will even be the first to tell you that it all comes from God & not her, that she is God’s vessel being used by him to bring his words to you.” -Tricia D.

“I gained clarity about my talents and priorities, and was able to regain a sense of serenity, which is priceless!  I am so grateful that Linda was able to walk with me through a challenging time with kindness, empathy and humor.” –Cassie C.

“Linda has been an inspiration in my life.  Her ability to genuinely love others shows in her communication and presence. She gives me undivided attention, by listening and never judging.  Her words of wisdom are inspiring and motivating.” -Steph K.

“What a blessing and an honor it has been to meet Linda.  She helped me define, establish and finish some goals that were very important to me.  What we accomplished in our sessions, were priceless information and Christian guidance that genuinely helped me finish 3 of my 4 goals.  My fourth goal is an ongoing goal, and she helped me come full circle in my own decisions on how to make it happen.” -Cathy F.

“I was not looking for a Life Coach. To be honest, I had no clue what a Life Coach was, let alone a Christian Life Coach.  It was by circumstance and God’s blessing that I found Linda.  What better way to heal and move forward than feeding yourself spiritually so you can then mentally and physically align yourself with what God has planned for your life.  Linda, through God’s leading helped me step outside of situations and not get stuck in the pit that was calling my name.  I love Linda’s gentle ways, her love for the Lord and her genuine heart that seeks to help others reach their God-given potential.” -Trish C.

“I love that after praying for a Christian Coach for a year God led me to you. I am amazed how he has knit us together, the bond we share and how this journey has brought me closer to Him. You have taken me so far this year in my journey with God. I accept your invitation to join you on the next leg of this journey. I’m looking forward to it.”–Randi R., NY

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Contact Linda:        linda@lindakuhar.com          Phone: 704-443-8482