Let Go


I can rest comfortably in your presence when I’m alone with you.

Soaking up the warmth of the sun, feeling the gentle breeze on my skin and enjoying the melody of the birds sitting on my porch is heavenly.

It’s easier to breathe, slow down and relax.

In this very moment I can believe that everything is going to be okay even in the midst of our suffering world.

The second I walk away from this rejuvenating sanctuary I forget you and I step into fear. Immediately I start trying to control my life…. and those I love.

Help me Lord to let go.

Help me to release my grip and trust you.

Trust your love.

Many times I beat myself up because I cannot live out my faith perfectly.

Fill me with your grace.

Give me strength to extend grace to myself for all my imperfections.

Just for today I will take time to open up my hands to you and let go.

When I start to feel anxious I will look at my hands and open them up to you. I will let go.

Do you need to let go of something? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to pray for you today.

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Embarrassing Confession

Welcome to CA…Controllers Anonymous.  Hi, my name is Linda Kuhar and I am a control freak!  While you may be chuckling at my cute little comment, I need to confess to you that because of my insane controlling nature of 38 years, this week it has actually brought me to my knees in desperation asking God, “Do you REALLY exist?  Because God if you are really REAL than why do I struggle today with the exact same issues I had 10 years ago, 15 years ago, heck even 20 years ago?  If you’re real, than why haven’t you removed the pains of insecurity and fear I have buried so deep inside me?”

And in one simple answer He spoke….”Control, you haven’t give me control over your life.”

Well, in my typical controlling fashion I would usually explain to God why I haven’t given everything to Him and try to manipulate God by convincing Him (really myself) that I am the way I am because ultimately He is the one that created me, right?  Well, this time my scheming and conniving ways did not even rear it’s ugly head.  Instead, I was at the darkest place of desperation and brokenness that all I could do was say ok God.  You are exactly right.  I have been afraid to give you control over my life because fear and insecurity have been such a source of comfort and refuge for me, but today I give up, I quit!  I cannot do this control thing any more.  I have no strength left in me to fight!

I quit trying to control those I love so dearly, my husband and child, my business/ministry that you called me to and even..are you ready for this my friends?  I give up control over my healing from cancer and coma.  Yes, it’s true.  I’m confessing to you that I’ve struggled all this time truly believing that I was miraculously healed.  I’m completely embarrassed and feel like such a hypocrite as I write these words.  But the truth is I’ve tried to convince myself that I was healed from H1N1 (the swine flu) and not a reaction from the chemotherapy drugs because logically my lungs would have never completely healed if it was the chemo that my body had the reaction to.

Long story short is, it does not matter what God healed me from, He miraculously healed me and today I can honestly say I believe that because I have Let. It. Go. by giving up control.

Friends, are you living a life of control?  Or are you really letting God control your life?  I’m currently participating in Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study and we are studying  Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman.  If you want to know how to stop running the show and start walking in faith, living a life free from control, I recommend reading her book today.  As you can see I personally have already experienced some life changing transformation and would love for you to join me.  Leave a commit today if you are living a life of control and are ready Let. It. Go.

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