So Much To Share! Retreats, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching & Love

Over the last year I took time to simply relax and receive. I realized through this restorative season in my life I accomplished so much more with much less striving. There’s something supernatural that happens when we earnestly seek the Lord with our whole heart, it opens up the door to fully rest and embrace our life. Through my incredible discoveries in 2016 I’m excited to share this freedom with you and how to accomplish it!

This year on my blog I will be diving deeper into prayer, spiritual, physical & emotional health along with my favorite Healthy Lifestyle shortcuts which include food, exercise & organization. My one word this year is CONSISTENCY. I’ve learned when I filter the day through the goal of consistency, life runs so much smoother, and I truly feel at peace. I achieve more than I ever dreamed possible and so can you.

First: I would love for you to kick off your year and join me at this exquisite once in a lifetime spiritual retreat. Come and RELAX¬†…. REJUVENATERENEW with me this winter at the luxurious Miracle Retreat!

Second: If you’re unable to make the retreat and you are ready to make this year be Your Year of Consistency with health, food, exercise, relationships or career sign up for my newly release Healthy Lifestyle Coaching package.

Third:¬†Last but not least, sweet friend, please take a moment to read this out loud, from my heart to yours. “This is a new year! I am expectant and excited for all God has in store for me. Thank you Lord for the plans you have for me to prosper in 2017. I will not look at the past and feel depressed and I will not look into the future and be anxious. I choose to live right here, right now with You in this very present moment full of gratitude. Thank you for all the fun, laughter, joy and light you will live through my life this year sweet Jesus.”

I love you friend. I’m sending you a virtual ((hug)) on this cold January day. I look forward to our year of growth together and lots of love! Please be sure to stay connected with me Facebook or Instagram.